Friday, October 7, 2016

Ex-Felons Released From Prison Need Real Employment

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We feel strongly that because the Illinois State prisons do so little to rehabilitate incarcerated men and woman that returning citizens being released from prison should be able to avail themselves at entrepreneurship training and resources to start and succeed in business.

Financial resources, accounting assistance and business coaching will help to ensure their continued success. This will help reduce criminal recidivism due to poverty, homelessness and desperation because of a lack of gainful employment opportunities.

So many employers prefer not to deal with ex-felons, leaving them with little to no chance of the dignity of self determined, prosperity. A system that continues to punish them after having paid their debt to society. Leaving them in a state of social economic disparity with little hope of normalcy in their lives.

What are your feelings on this?


  1. I really like the mission of this organization. One would think that after having paid one's debt to society with time served in prison, that one would enjoy a fresh start upon completion of parole. However, ex-felons are forever "marked" as undesirables with very little opportunity for success. This systemic illness of inhumane policies that manufacture sub-class, social-economic lepers encourages poverty and recidivism and is wicked to the core. What about humanity? It is time for change!

  2. WOW, this is really a great organization and to have spent time with Robert Green and have heard his mission and to see him trying to put this mission into affect, is an honor. Great job brother. I don't what the people see but I see a man of awesome character and integrity.

  3. When I see a man in prison with the ability to touch so many lives and absolutely no means to communicate with the outside, only when they let you, do something so great for our communities is motivation for so many of us who take our freedom for granted. Keep up the good work brother imagine the changes you could make in the world!! Get home soon!!

  4. What a wonderful web site. This is something ex-felons have needed for such a long time. There's information regarding stopping the violence. There's information telling them who and where to go to get any and all kind of help once their released, and it gives them the resources to do so. Thank you Mr. Green for having this vision. We've needed someone who cares and really want to lend a helping hand for a long time. I will certainly pass this information on to any and everyone who can use it. Once again ... thank you for caring Mr. Green.

  5. Danny has been certified by Toastmasters International as a competent Public Speaker (1991 East Moline). He received his GED from the Chicago City Colleges (1981) and obtained a certificate in Graphic Arts from Southeastern Illinois College (1987). He is a former member of the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party. He spent twenty years in prison and ten in Elgin Mental Health Center. While in the hospital he wrote over eight-hundred poems, three books of daily meditations, and numerous speeches and Afro-centric anecdotes. He also acted as a mentor for younger consumers while there, leading his own peer-support groups and chairing GROW for four years (2003-07). He has published three books, A Ten-Part Book to Maximizing Your Potential, Life Poems and Three-Part Process to Breaking the Recidivism Cycle, since getting of the hospital in 2013. He has been clean of all illegal drugs and alcohol for fourteen years.
    His mission is to be the most infectiously optimistic and exceptionally giving person possible and to encourage others to be equally optimistic and giving. Danny is not one who believes you can’t make it because you have some strikes against you; he is one to tell you that, “Anything you can conceive and believe you can achieve,” (Napoleon Hill).
    You can post comments on my email or contact me for workshops and testimony at Or call me at (773) 440-4062.

    I have found that the solution to reducing the recidivism rate in America is to help ex-offenders change their self-image and thus change their life and to encourage them to surrender to a higher power which can give them victory over all their obstacles. This is what has worked to keep me out of prison for three years, and gives me the confidence that I can stay out for the rest of my life.

  6. This is a great start to something wonderful and helpful for individuals re-entering back into society. So many of us turn our heads when we find out someone has been to prison and forget that these individuals are still human and deserve to be treated as such. Everyone deserves a second chance at life and I think this is a great way to start working towards that.